Montpellier, France, 25 August 2018.   To coincide with the conjoint meeting of WAS and EAS at Aqua2018, attracting in excess of 3000 delegates, EURASTiP hosted the second capacity building foresight workshop looking at ensuring aquaculture education meets the needs of the aquaculture sector.

 Attracting 28 participants from 16 different counties, a very wide range of experiences and inputs were provided.   The closest education provider travelled some 40 km, the farthest afield 10,950 km – from the Philippines.   Further South East Asian representation saw delegates attend from Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. 

 A series of innovative ideas were put into practice, including the filming of the morning seminar and interactive round table discussions.  Footage is to be made available shortly!

 EURASTiP has now delivered two such workshops – the first in Malang, Java, Indonesia and now the second in Europe.   It is anticipated that the third workshop will be held in late 2019 in Vietnam – for which further details will be available on the website in due course.