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The six principle objectives of EURASTiP aim to establish and develop national and international networks relevant to industry needs and research and development prioritisation, capitalising on existing best practice, training and technology transfer.  The project will also address legacy, ensuring ongoing benefit and the development of lasting, self-sustaining multi stakeholder platforms.

EURASTiP will be delivered through addressing six specific objectives:
  1. To create & support National Pilot Multi-Stakeholder Platforms in Thailand, Vietnam & Bangladesh
  2. Develop the networks needed for the promotion of industrial partnerships
  3. Review and identify best practice from existing standards for planning and operation of sustainable aquaculture
  4. Identify and reinforce professional skills in industry and research arenas
  5. Review impact and issues relating to project legacy.
  6. Develop recommendations for establishing an international MSP for sustainable aquaculture, considering ongoing function and legacy.

This will lead to the EURASTiP project delivering the final proposed objective, a trilateral interaction between the EATiP (European Aquaculture Technology and innovation Platform) the “ASTiP” (final format tbc.  The working assumption is for an Asian Technology and innovation Platform, comprising national multi stakeholder / mirror platforms) via the EURASTiP international multi stakeholder platform (see fig 1.).

Figure 1 – Proposed project outcome.
Figure 1 – Proposed project outcome.