In association with the launch of the EURASTiP support action at the Asia Pacific Aquaculture Conference in Kuala Lumpur this summer, a highly successful workshop was organised, addressing the “Identification of future aquaculture education key topics to support the European / South East Asian aquaculture industry”.

The full day session included participants from across the region, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia Myanmar and Singapore. Guest speakers attended from Spain and Germany, in addition to wider representation from across the EU including Ireland, the UK and Belgium.

Careful consideration was given to future aquaculture training requirements, including running a facilitated workshop where a prioritisation exercise was run addressing main themes in education and training, from the perspectives of students, academia and industry. The results will be used to drive forward further EURASTiP objectives.

Commenting on the workshop, Co-ordintor Marieke Reuver noted, “the level of engagement from our invited participants was incredibly encouraging and shows the real potential for mutually beneficial exchanges between regions in the field of aquaculture”.

The next workshop is proposed to take place in association with the forthcoming ASEAN-FEN meeting in Malang, Java, Indonesia in on 09 November 2017. For further details, please use contact us.