ASIAME 2 (SOUTH ASIA THEMATIC SCHOOL ON AQUATIC MICROBIAL ECOLOGY) is a follow up of the first ASIAME thematic school which was held in Vietnam in 2013.  The general objective of ASIAME is to bring together during two weeks young microbial ecologists (students and scientists) from South and South-East Asia that are focusing on marine ecosystems.  The school covers fundamental (biogeochemical cycles, biodiversity, environment) and applied (aquaculture, marine biotechnology) aspects in marine microbial ecology.
ASIAME 2 fits in the context of the future “National Institute of Marine Biology” in Goa (India), in collaboration with CNRS and the university Pierre et Marie Curie. ASIAME 2 will take place over two weeks at the field unit of the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), the Andaman and Nicobar Centre for Ocean Science and Technology (ANCOST) located in Port Blair on the Andaman islands. ASIAME 2 will be conducted by 19 lecturers (10 from India, 6 from France, 1 from Philippines, 1 from UK, 1 from USA). The format of the school includes communication, hands-on training, data analysis, preparation of research projects with the aim to create networks and foster future collaborations.  It will be open to 16 young Indian researchers, 7 from other countries from south-east Asia and 2 from France. Fellowships will be provided to students to cover (at least partly) expenses (registration, travel and accomodation).

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