As part of the EURASTiP support action, aspects of certification are being considered, specifically with regard to certification in European countries and what differences and/or similarities there are with South East Asia.

We are therefore interested to see a new report which as been issued by FAO on seafood certification and developing countries, with a focus on Asia.  Specifically, the report highlights case studies of one of our EURASTiP partner countries – Vietnam.

The full report can be accessed here:


The report provides a review of recent literature on seafood ecolabels and addresses the disparity in uptake between the EU and North American markets compared to Asian markets.  Barriers to certification on the part of small producers are also addressed, with case studies used as a basis for recommendations in how to guide governments into supporting their aquaculture industries through certification and improved access to markets.


We hope this report is of as much interest to you as it was to us!