Promoting Multi-Stakeholder Contributions to International Cooperation on Sustainable Solutions for Aquaculture Development in South-East Asia — EURASTIP, is a three-year Coordination and Support Action, funded through the EU Horizon 2020 programme, and developed in response to the EU call “reinforcing international cooperation on sustainable aquaculture production with countries from South East Asia” (H2020 SFS-24-2016). EURASTiP will provide a structured basis for multi-stakeholder dialogue in the aquaculture community, within South East Asia and between South East Asia and the EU.To maximise collaboration and strategic partnerships, EURASTiP will implement FUNDED Exchange Programmes between Europe and SE Asia in the field of sustainable aquaculture for three different types of stakeholders: educators, researchers and industry stakeholders. The overall aim of each of the three Exchange Programmes is to develop strategic partnerships, increase collaboration and learn from each other.

EURASTIP engages in an equal opportunities and diversity policy and encourages everyone to apply regardless of race, age and gender.
List of eligible countries

The research capacity building exchanges focus on sharing knowledge and research experience between European & SE Asia. Not only research institutes and universities are welcome to apply, also the aquaculture industry is encouraged to take part in these research capacity exchanges as leading applicant and/or as a host.

The industry internships focus on the facilitation of new business opportunities & industrial partnerships between European & SE Asian companies.

The educators capacity building exchange programme focuses on knowledge exchange and training provision to build strategic partnerships between European and SE Asian educator institutes for future bilateral cooperation. Each of these exchanges must propose a novel dimension to be piloted (e.g. innovative teaching method, new material, collaborative approach) to ensure an innovation aspect. Each exchange will be required to contribute to a blog/Vlog during the exchange so that other actors can follow progress and engage a wider audience.


3rd Call

The 3rd Call is now open !
between 19 November 2018 and 27th January 2019!

CHECKLIST of documents needed to complete an online application
Info sheet of the exchange programme type you are interested in: educators, research or industry – the info sheets outline all details and required information to be completed (online) and submitted (additional documents)

Additional document to be submitted along with the online information:
• Recent CV (pdf)
• General description/ info sheet of the organisation you are working at (pdf)
• Signed Exchange Agreement between both the host and the sending institute (scan)
• Letter of Support from host organisation (in addition to the signed Exchange Agreement above, EURASTiP requires a Letter of Support written by the host organisation which details their objectives and expected outcomes)
• Signed mutual Confidential Disclosure Agreement if applicable (not obligatory) (pdf)
• Proof of membership of Aqua-tnet, ASEAN-FEN, EATiP or MiP if applicable (an email stating membership is sufficient) (scan)
• Signed EURASTiP Exchange Programme – Data Processing Consent Form (pdf)

Failure to provide all the necessary documents disqualifies the applicant and the application will not be taken into consideration for selection.


• Step 1: Start preparing the necessary documents as explained above.
• Step 2: Make an EURASTiP Exchange Programme personal account in the EURASTiP exchanges registration tool
• Step 3: Enter all required data and upload all necessary documents in the EURASTiP exchanges application tool. Only the sheets 1 till 6 need to be completed before submission:
1. In short
2. Personal information
3. English proficiency
4. Host information
5. Your exchange
6. Specific information per category

• Step 4: Submit the EURASTiP exchanges application online before 27 January 2019

• Opening applications third call: 20 November 2018
• Closing applications third call: 27 January 2019
• Notification of selection: early March 2019
• Exchange period: mid-March 2019 – 30 August 2019.

Click here for the EURASTiP Exchange Programme – Data Management Policy

2nd Call

This Call is now closed ! 

Open between June 18th 2018 and September 30th 2018 !




  • 2017


    Kick off meeting in Brussels, Belgium

  • 7-8 June 2017

    7-8 June 2017

  • 25-27 July 2017

    Round table meeting

    APA17 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

  • November 8 2017

    1st Exchange Call open

    November 8 2017

  • 17-20 October 2017

    Announcement EUROPE

    AQUA 2017 (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

  • 7-9 November 2017

    Annoucement SOUTH-EAST ASIA

    ASEAN-FEN IFS 2017

    7-9 November 2017

  • 18 June 2018

    2nd Exchange Call open

  • 19 November 2018

    3rd Exchange Call open

    19 November 2018

  • 25 August 2018

    Stakeholder Needs Workshop

    AQUA 2018 (Montpellier, France)