Aquaculture brokerage events in Europe and south-east Asia

The EURASTiP project is hosting international brokerage events/trade missions to bring together European and south-east Asian aquaculture stakeholders. Combined with our industry exchange programme, EURASTiP brokerage activity seeks to connect European aquaculture stakeholders with the appropriate south-east Asian partners (and vice versa) to grow business.  Simultaneously EURASTiP aims to create a platform in which experts such as yourself share their insights to work together with other European and south-east Asian experts towards a joint, industry driven research agenda, paving the way for future collaborations.

EURASTiP trade mission

Date to be confirmed

Thailand & Vietnam

If you are interested in participating,

Joint trade mission to Thailand and Vietnam, partner countries of the EURASTiP project !

A combination off:

Local visits to aquaculture production sites, feed companies, processors, government research institutes and universities in Vietnam and Thailand

The attendance of a local aquaculture event & trade show (with the potential to participate)

Opportunities to meet the representatives of the national aquaculture stakeholder associations (and newly established national multi stakeholder aquaculture platform)

Together with a structured thematic networking event:

with plenary sessions, where European and local captains of industry set the scene on the selected theme and breakup sessions that allow for exploratory contacts between potential partners. The brokerage theme will be identified in line with the SRIA (2030 Vision and Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) of the host country and European interests.)

European tech transfer officers will be involved to guide emerging initiatives.


EURASTiP will cover the cost of organising and facilitating the brokerage events.  Costs associated with attending the event (T&S) are to be covered by the participants.  Additional financial support is foreseen for members of EATIP.