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Exchange programmes: new application deadline !

Would you like €3000 to help develop your business or career?! Good news for all those interested in applying for funded exchanges in aquaculture between europe and asia – eurastip exchanges deadline extended to 29 March 2018 ! Apply here !  


Seafood Certification and Developing Countries – Focus on Asia.

As part of the EURASTiP support action, aspects of certification are being considered, specifically with regard to certification in European countries and what differences and/or similarities there are with South East Asia. We are therefore interested to see a new report which as been issued by FAO on seafood certification and developing countries, with a […]

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EC Funded exchange for industry, researchers and educators.

Please find below and attached information on EC funded exchange opportunities for industry, researchers and educators through the EURASTiP programme.  The first of three calls is now live, with submissions being open until midnight on the 29 February 2018. Are you interested in pursuing an opportunity for your European company or organisation to connect with south-east […]

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Watch Live: EURASTiP Capacity Building Foresight workshop

Promoting Innovative Teaching through Collaboration in the International Aquaculture Sector Are you an aquaculture educator interested in learning new teaching methodologies? We will live stream the complete workshop, offering you a unique chance to learn remotely about innovative teaching in aquaculture! Watch Live Thursday 9 November at 9:00 – 17:30 Western Indonesian Time (WIB)  CLICK […]

Gender in aquaculture

Gender equality is an important issue to be addressed by the EURASTiP support action.  In addition to assuring gender parity and addressing issues of gender diversity wherever possible during the conduct of internal project affairs, we are keen to present relevant and topical information to the EURASTiP audience where we can, relating to all aspects […]


The continuing desire for EU-ASEAN growth and development.

The EU-ASEAN Business Council has published their fourth annual survey on EU-ASEAN Business Sentiment. As in previous years, this interesting report demonstrates the key importance of the ASEAN region to the EU and the very high importance attached to it on the part of EU businesses. The survey demonstrates how the aims and objectives of […]

Survey on European – Asian Aquaculture Education Collaboration

  Do you work in the aquaculture sector? Then we would love to hear from you!   Input from all stakeholders is important to make sure that our future workforce has the skills required for a sustainable, successful, and thriving global aquaculture sector. What is the goal of this survey? Under the auspices of EURASTiP we […]


Education workshop

In association with the launch of the EURASTiP support action at the Asia Pacific Aquaculture Conference in Kuala Lumpur this summer, a highly successful workshop was organised, addressing the “Identification of future aquaculture education key topics to support the European / South East Asian aquaculture industry”. The full day session included participants from across the […]

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EURASTiP launched in SE Asia !

  A special session of the Asia Pacific Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society, the largest aquaculture conference and associated trade show is SE Asia, was given over to EURASTiP, addressing reinforcing international cooperation on sustainable aquaculture production between the EU and countries from South East Asia. With an audience comprising representatives of industry, NGOs, […]

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ASIAME 2 – Nov 6-18 2017

ASIAME 2 (SOUTH ASIA THEMATIC SCHOOL ON AQUATIC MICROBIAL ECOLOGY) is a follow up of the first ASIAME thematic school which was held in Vietnam in 2013.  The general objective of ASIAME is to bring together during two weeks young microbial ecologists (students and scientists) from South and South-East Asia that are focusing on marine […]